Terry's Campaign 1

Session 2 - Restal

Ninjas and thieves don’t always get the benefit of a full night of rest. How else are we to sneak around in the shadows of the city? So I was not too disturbed when we were awoken in the middle of the night by some local police. Although next time they might do so without banging on the inn door. I instinctively turned invisible just in case it was trouble. Well, it kind of was trouble but not from the police. They came to tell us that the merchant’s main store was broken into. One of the guards was dead outside and no one was brave enough to venture in. Oliver and I turned invisible, he with some help from Glim, and we checked out the place. This guy was loaded judging by all of the fine wares. And although some of it was trashed, there was a whole lot of valuable stuff just lying around. No one probably noticed that a nice little gem went missing, right? Eventually we decided the place was mostly empty so we called Mordecai and Glim to join us. We made our way down to the vault and asked his wife, who was clearly still very distraught to let us in. She did, but still nothing. But then I heard a clicking sound, noticed a hidden door in the wall, and heard a murmuring. A bit of investigation and we realized that there was a trap door outside of the vault which seemed to have captured someone, or something. None of us could understand the thing but Mordecai though he could find the witch from yesterday’s carnival game to help. We kept watch over the thing for quite a while but eventually they made it back, Mordecai, jill, and another. A negotiation ensued and we learned that this thing was a) an addict and b) there for the thieves guild. I should have known it was those scum. Always trying to take advantage of an opening. Well, this one didn’t actually get any of the goodies so I just stole her sword in the process of ‘rescuing’ her from the pit. We’ll let the police deal with her.

It was past dawn at that point so we decided to investigate last night’s murder a bit deeper. The body was taken to the Temple of Erastil, so off we went. We learned a few things there. The means of death was that he was torn in two, but not like a beast’s doing He was grabbed by something with hands and torn apart. And the acid was definitely faked after the fact. But we didn’t learn much more from there, although we did meet a nice priestess who tried to answer our questions, for a while anyway until Jill mentioned the thieves guild.

We headed off to come up with a plan against the thieves guild ,and to check on our friend at the jail. We had no luck convincing them to let her go despite our evidence of our innocence. Useless lackey. We were alerted to another commotion though. Four citizens were squaring off against two of the circus guards. I turned invisible and moved closer, but before i got there Oliver had disarmed all of them with his bow. Pretty damn cool actually.

No sooner had we settled that problem when another ruckus caught our attention from the direction of the Chimera tent. People were in a panic, although I don’t really know why. The priestess of Erastil was already dead. Torn apart in just the same way. What a shame. I do feel partially responsible. We were just talking to her after all and seemingly caused her some distress which likely led to this unfortunate demise. We followed the trail of the killers and came across 3 clown outfits. But the trail was cold after that. Another dead end it seems. Back in the tent there were three vials that I could clearly identify as mutagens. We had suspected something those lines at the merchant’s crime scene. Now it is definite. Three killers who are using alchemy against us. If I didn’t know better I would start to suspect myself a bit, sneaking around killing people while using alchemy. Hmmm….

We decide to ask the local alchemy guru, Rubella, if she can help solve the mystery . But along the way we run into a bunch of drunks practically killing a circus kid. Mordecai scares the crap out of them and then heals the kid up. Unfortunately, for them, the punks decide to come back with some friends. They died. I kind of thought Mordecai and Oliver were a bit rash to slaughter them, but once the blood started flowing I did my part. Drunk idiots they were after all. Distressingly though they were a bunch of poor idiots. Maybe they drank all of their money away. I dunno but it wasn’t worth it . Still, we saved the boy and took him back to his parents. They rewarded us with a cool scarf that really seemed to help Glim, even though he and Jill had nothing to do with saving the boy.

it was getting late by now so we called it another night. I am beat. But, of course, still no rest. Another murder. Another visit from the police. Another investigation. A nobody, hung from a tree with his eyes gouged out and a sign around his neck say that the thieves take care of their own. And a letter from an employer, but Jill is certain it is a fake. But why? Just more questions and not enough answers.

Time to go back to rest. Tomorrow we will visit Rubella again. Jill and Glim think they can ‘kill’ the Chimera to free our friend. And most importantly, I think, Oliver and I have had enough with the thieves. Time for some intel gathering.



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