Terry's Campaign 1

Session 2-Jill

Spending the night as what can only be a comfortable sea hag den was unlike any experience I have before. The dreams I had were a watery wonder, and somewhat disturbing but I felt like I learned something. I think I must have seen what could only be explained as an Orc or something, seducing a sea hag. Dreams are weird.
Taethelyn and I sat down to breakfast of fish wrapped in rice on dried seaweed with sauces and spices apparently, and even some tiny fish eggs. It was such a pretty display but what I thought would be a light appetizer, was delicious and very filling. Just as we finished up there was someone requesting Taethelyn’s assistance translating, and she asked if I wanted to go along.
As it turned out, while we were enjoying talking all night, the city was all a twitter with the death of a salesman who apparently was attacked by the Chimera. The investigators for the circus were saying that the Chimera was not a real one, which I knew already but now they were tasked with proving it.
It seems we need to get this trainer out of jail so they can simply leave town. But all the things we are finding are leading us to believe the thieves guild is behind all this, and blaming it on the circus. Including sending people who they had former dealings with as far as getting them addicted to substances they must be peddling, to do some dirty deeds that keep ending in their death. This last body they turned up, it was a bad forgery obviously trying to frame some dude Erne Breaton.



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