Terry's Campaign 1

Session 1 - Restal

Today was festival day at Ludgershall. I entered through the silver gate, tariffs are getting more and more expensive all the time. 9 gold! Seriously? But there are so many people and so many thieves. It will surely be worth it. Down at the wide I checked out the vendors and made my way over to the competitions. The first was a foot race. I am pretty fast so I signed up. I was doing pretty well but there was this other guy who finished ahead of me. Second prize was 50 GP so at least I got my money back. Next I tried the obstacle course. I knew the climbing and swimming would be a challenge for me but what the heck. 50 GP is worth the try. Wouldn’t you know it. I was beat by the same guy, who I later learned to be named Oliver.

After that, I decided to watch for a while. There was an arm wrestling contest won by someone named Mordecai. He later grappled the wench really well. Made quite a showing for themselves. I later saw Oliver and Mordecai hanging out together. Ringers from the across the ravine probably. More entertaining was the magic show. Destroy a boulder, get a feather, and find the needle in a hay stack. Impressive display but I’ve seen my family members do better. Still, I can’t do that so hard to criticize. I finally tried my hand again with the lion head. Crap. That hammer is heavy. I couldn’t even pick it up. Kind of embarrassing really.

The I heard the eight bells signifying the showing of the Chimera so I followed the masses to the main tent. The Chimera came out for a few seconds but something seemed amiss. It was just too unnatural. So I sneaked around to the tent behind the cage buffing up as I went. I didn’t hear much coming from the tent. Strangely there was Mordecai and Oliver too. I am not really sure what in the hell Mordecai was thinking but he just took this huge scythe and cut a hole in the damn tent. I quickly went invisible. I didn’t want to be seen around that. But while invisible I went in and checked out all of – nothing. Where’d the Chimera go?

Everything after that was just strange. Mordecai was running around everywhere talking to people. Then everyone was screaming about a loose dragon which was just one of the zoo pets. A bard managed to lure it back into its cage with a turkey leg. Crisis averted without any blood, although I wonder how it got out in the first place?

All in all it was an adventuresome day, and reasonable lucrative. I headed off to the local bar for a couple of drinks – always a good place to pick up some work if you keep your eyes open. And lo and behold it worked. A couple of hours later, once the bard had finished his comedy routine, there was another commotion. The head of the merchants guild was murdered. And it looked like the doings of the Chimera, which of course doesn’t exist. His handler was arrested and refused to tell the secrets of her illusions. But I bet she will pay handsomely if I can clear her name.



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