Terry's Campaign 1

Session 1 Julianna

Jackson is nagging me. I have never seen him so insistent that I take him to the festivities in town. He is trying to tell me it’s destiny and all that but I reminded him he doesn’t believe in destiny as he only believes in religions as non-academic labels of different planes of existence. He said that was unfair to throw his words back at him because he’s only a hedgehog after all. Honestly I just got tired of his whining so I went. Walking through the door, there was this half-elf eyeing me up and down. I realized he’s drawing pictures of everyone, not a great likeness but who cares.
Jackson said he just wants to watch the activities and I suppose it will be fun enough, so we watched some arm wrestling, and some of the races. The dwarf with “Joy” tattooed on his lip was a first for me. Suddenly I realized Jackson is sending me towards most of the events with the same group of guys, and I realize he’s up to something. One guy seems to be a bit bumbling but quick, but almost drown on the obstacle course.
There was this gnome who gave an expensive ring to a little girl. Then this guy came and snaked it right out of his hands and that gnome practically jumped on his back and wrestled him to the ground. It was a sight to see. Turns out he is a bard, so no wonder he was fun to watch. I supposed I started following him around a bit just for entertainment purposes but I wasn’t stalking him or anything. I kept seeing him around and he was telling a few jokes in the inn, but I realized I didn’t have a room. I figured I’d see where the carnies were staying, see if I could find a spare space in a tent, but I realized someone was following me.
I ended up casting light on him because he ran when I tried to walk up to him, but it turned out he was a servant of the local council woman. He invited me to come meet her. I had no idea why he walked up and down the town for hours and hours, luckily I was wearing comfy shoes and had nothing better to do. We entered a warehouse into a great room like one I haven’t ever seen before. She was perfectly nice and let me know that she knew I was a witch. She clearly was a hag of some type, but not like any I had ever seen. She was surrounded by water and it had a powerful effect in her house. She invited me to stay the night and made me feel very at home. Perhaps she needed me for one of her coven spells, but I had no reason to turn away her generosity and kindness.



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