Terry's Campaign 1

Backstory - Restal

When you are an elf, it can be awfully hard to be the fifth of six children. There are so many years when it seems that no one recognizes if you are coming or going, or just sitting in the corner waiting for someone to notice. Eventually, it becomes a game. How long can I go before they notice me missing? I mean, it’s not like they don’t care. But everyone is so busy, and elves are an independent bunch. Eventually, it leads to hiding in the shadows and disguising one’s self. And later, if they don’t notice me missing, I wonder if they will miss this thing or that? Soon, with so many years to pass, one becomes extremely skilled at these games.

And while most elves are in-tune with the arcane magical arts, I never excelled in such things. But I did learn their power and benefits. My parent’s and siblings always had more than a few magical and non-magical potions around the house. They would often go mysteriously missing. It was almost like an addiction. I definitely learned that some of them really made sneaking around a lot easier. In my 50’s, I met Shiloh who taught me a little bit about alchemy. I struggled with the studies but eventually figured out how to make a few extracts for myself. He also taught me the black art of making poisons. I still have some reservations about using them frequently, it seems an unfair and harsh tactic to the unsuspecting. But when someone or something seems intent on hurting you, all bets are off.

Regardless, my forte is definitely sneaking around and striking where they are not expecting it. Hiding in plain sight. And taking for myself those things that were not theirs to begin with. I have myself a nice little living stealing from the thieves. Many are so simplistic and naive. Why they would think that just because they are the ones ripping people off that they cannot be ripped off themselves? Especially young humans. Rash. Brash. And Clumsy. Sure, I have been caught a time or two. But no one ever tends to look hard when a dead thief turns up, especially when you leave a prized possession or two behind that someone is happy to get back. And that leads to the best money-making scheme of all. Claiming Rewards. Want to find the guy who stole your heirloom magic wand? How about that awesome shield your father used in the Great Battle? Go looking (and offering enough gold) and I might just be able to help.



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